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We are still open during 2nd lockdown

The UK Government is allowing education and training during this latest lockdown, so we are open for Covid-19 safe training. We have completed a risk assessment, to ensure that all training is done in a safe manner in line with the government guidelines

Education, workplaces and healthcare settings are still open and will require training. Many of our courses that we deliver are classed as essential training and as long as we have included Covid-19 within our risk assessments we can still deliver classroom training, although, if you would like an alternative we can offer online, or remote or even blended for many of our courses.

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A Health Declaration may need to be completed prior to arrival
Temperature may be taken upon arrival
2m seclusion zone around trainer
Frequent Hand Washing or Sanitising
Face Masks or Face Coverings to be worn
Surfaces Wiped over with minimum 70% Iso-propyl Alcohol prior to, during and after classes
Learners PPE pack will be provided including Face Mask
Learners to respect others and act responsibly
2m Social Distancing (PPE to be worn when not Possible)