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Full First Aid Courses
Back on 15th June

As of 15th June 2020, enSuda will be commencing full first aid courses including all practical elements.

Classes will start back under strict social distancing rules. This may mean a reduction in class sizes due to room sizes.

The price for all courses will include individual Learners PPE Packs for use during practical session.

Strict cleanliness & health regimes will be followed.

So what can you expect?

  • A Health Declaration will need to be completed prior to arrival
  • Temperature taken upon arrival
  • Frequent Hand Washing or Sanitising
  • Face Masks or Face Coverings to be worn
  • Surfaces Wiped over with minimum 70% Iso-propyl Alcohol prior to, during and after classes
  • Learners PPE pack will be provided including Face Mask
  • Learners to respect others and act responsibly
  • 2m Social Distancing (PPE to be worn when not Possible)
  • Electronic Exams (using your own Phone, Tablet or Laptop where possible)