As the numbers of people diagnosed with COVID-19 is increasing we want you to assure you of our commitment to our customers and instructors.

We obviously have little or no control over the limitations that are put in place on courses that require contact training, we can assure you that we take our business seriously and are following guidelines from the UK Resuscitation Council, our certifying and awarding bodies and obviously the UK Government and its scientific advisers. We will endeavor to carry on with as many courses as possible until we are told otherwise.

In the meantime we will be adding an online course catalogue to our website to help with any training that may be required, which you or your staff could complete and keep up to date during these unsettled times

We wish everyone good health, keep well and please follow the guidelines we are being given. We hope that this situation passes with minimal consequences to your health, physical and mental well-being and prosperity.

To learn more about this Disease go to this free online course