Health and Social Care

Health and social care is another specialty of ours, alongside the other areas of training we offer. We offer training for moving & positioning of people, infection control, basic life support, safeguarding, mental capacity act and deprivation of liberty safeguards. We also offer the Care Certificate online too.

Moving and positioning of people is highly important in any career, but more so in the health and social care sector. It follows all health and safety guidelines and is put in place to keep you safe and the service user too. It allows you to be able to assist people to move without putting any strain on your body and not hurting or injuring the person you are moving.

Infection control is also something essential to health and social care, giving you the most important information about how to keep yourself safe and clean when dealing with bodily fluids and sharp objects.

We train safeguarding, deprivation of liberty safeguards (DOLS) and mental capacity act (MCA) as it is a huge part of the health and social care sector.

All three things give you an insight in how to notice when things just are not right. Safeguarding training enables you to notice the signs of abuse in all retrospect and understand how to address and deal with the problems that you find. Deprivation of liberty safeguards, even though it can be trained solely, also works alongside the mental capacity act.

The mental capacity act is legislation that is put in place for the safety of the service user. If said person lacks capacity then the guidelines in the legislation will be followed meaning that best interest decisions for the person may need to be made instead of them making their own personal decisions for safety reasons. Sometimes when this fails, deprivation of liberty safeguards may have to be put in place, but this would usually be the final straw.

To be authorised for DOLS, a long process of paperwork and conversations with higher management is needed, it is by all means not a quick fix.

An example of DOLS: a man has severe dementia on a hospital ward, he keeps absconding and is a danger to himself and to others, a DOLS is put in place so that the man can be kept on the ward and someone can personally make sure that he does not leave, so that he doesn’t endanger himself. This is not restraint. It is a safety measure put in place.

The care certificate, which is required by the majority of health and social care establishments, is available online at a reasonable cost. This qualification is the new NVQ and is essential when looking for a career in care.

We also offer Evac-chair training which is moving and positioning of people within an evacuation process & also medication training.


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