Did you know? We now offer Blended First Aid Training!

Group Training Solutions

We understand that your training needs are unique - no matter how large or small your company.

enSuda courses are flexible and adaptable to your training needs. We will consult with you to plan the most effective training solution.

By partnering with enSuda you have access a single-source solution that allows you the use of our comprehensive technology and training network.

Design and Development

We offer a design and development service. Our training designers and developers will create new courses or adapt courses to your individual requirements, to incorporate your company’s internal policies and procedures.

Do you need help to highlight training deficiencies within your processes? Contact us for your bespoke solutions.

Print your own extra certificates

With the Company Dashboard, you are given administrative access to print extra copies of staff certificates as needed. Certificates are immediately available through the dashboard after the employee has successfully completed the training.

Track staff training online

Maintain staff training compliance records with 24/7 access to your students' real-time training records, showing the certification status of each of your staff and their renewal dates.

Avoid costly fines and eliminate paperwork by having this information at your fingertips.

Purchase your online training on demand

By registering your Company Dashboard, you will be given a special corporate discount tracking code to link your staff to your company.

Training units can be purchased directly through your dashboard - either by the company or the individual - as and when they are needed. Staff will immediately be able to train, complete their test and access their certification cards.

Customised staff login screen

Registering your business for a Company Dashboard means you will be given a special login screen link with your company's logo and contact details. This link can be distributed to staff via e-mail or posted on your website so they will know they are in the right place.

Add employees

Submit a list of staff names, their e-mail addresses and unique usernames, and these individuals will receive a welcome e-mail explaining how to get started with their training.

If you choose not to pre-register your staff, you can provide them with a link that will associate them with your company's account.

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